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where oh where have i been?

the red carpet ft. malala the great (who was apparently in school)

also my roommate decided to get pregnant and turn into a hormonal demanding toilet-hogging assface with unrealistic fantasies about a child she couldn’t possibly financially support but we’re not talking about that so i picked up extra shifts at one of my jobs to never be home. 

BB + Car

- You’ve come quite a long distance since we last met if you can now see a distinction between accuracy and the truth. 

- I’m trying to help Booth.


Right from the beginning…..


Bones - 9x07 - The Nazi on the Honeymoon Sneak Peek (x)

So I heard the story of how, actually my friend scared off the night stalker a long time ago, they found his fingerprints on her door. She banged on her door really loud, and like swore and yelled and made herself sound really big and scary. So that’s what I decided to do. (x)

Happy Bones Halloween!

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